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 Free Voucher
Voucher No. BT-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   
  Off on any One Laptop
purchased from Braintoneindia (Applicable
on any Core 2 Duo and above Processor)
  Voucher No : BT-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Off on any One Laptop
purchased from Braintoneindia
  Voucher No : BT-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Free Head Phone with Mic +Optical Mouse +
Laptop Cleaning Kit all worth
with one Laptop purchased from
  Voucher No : BT-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  One Year Free Anti Virus Copy worth
on Purchase of One Laptop from Braintoneindia.
  Voucher No : BT-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  One Free Additional Laptop Carry Pouch worth
on Purchase of One Laptop from Braintoneindia.
  Voucher No : BT-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Free Laptop Services All worth for your exsisting Old or New Laptop (Purchased from anywhere, any dealer,any brand, any condition)

• One Free Laptop Service worth Rs. 750/-
• One Free Laptop Repair Estimate worth Rs. 500/-
• One Free Laptop Up gradation Service worth Rs. 250/- • One Time Free Laptop Formatting and Re-installing worth Rs. 1500/-
  Voucher No : BT-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Terms and Conditions :
Please print this Voucher to avail the said above benefits mentioned in this voucher. The above Discounts and Freebies Voucher entitles for a registered braintoneindia user only. This Voucher is only valid for a period of One month from the date mentioned in the voucher. This physical voucher is compulsory and should be available with you , at the time of Purchase or availing the Free Services. Please do carry your valid Photo ID with this Voucher, and should be shown as an when demanded. This Voucher would not be entertained, if not disclosed before availing the mentioned services, or before the purchase. This Voucher is not transferrable or cannot be redeemed against cash / any kind of discounts. Braintoneindia reserves the rights to terminate this said Voucher at any point of any period, of the validation period without giving any explanations or any reasons regards to the same.This voucher cannot be merged / discounted with any of the ongoing offers in Braintoneindia. Braintoneindia would not be held responsible and would not entitle for any said benifits , if duplicated by you or any other person.The Free Laptop Services mentioned in this Voucher does not include pick up and drop facility. Free Services Programme would be entertained between 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm only from Monday to Friday, On every single purchase single voucher is applicable.
This is a Computer generated Voucher and it does not require any stamp or Signature of Braintoneindia.
The Voucher serial Nos.and the Voucher records are maintained with Braintoneindia and its management.
By Reading and Printing this, i agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this Voucher Sheet.
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